in the beginning god said...

"hit me on my good foot"

p</b>olyester started as an alcohol induced dream, and quickly grew into an outpost for pimps everywhere. i</b>t was pieced together from various parts, found on the floors of the three founding pimps: superfly, odin and smoove. t</b>he ethernet connection was provided by our employer, d</b>ue to several fuck-ups by the owner of, we were forced to take it down. t</b>wo days later, the doors to our office were chained shut. p</b>olyester had barely escaped.

book two
"the rebirth"

b</b>'s assets where soon sold too cdm network. t</b>he now out of work pimps were all offered jobs with cdm. f</b>ortunately, cdm ran almost entirely on Macintosh computers. n</b>ew inetl machines were needed, for the pimps to operate properly. t</b>wo days after we arrived, polyester was reborn, on a brand new machine. c</b>dm network hasn't been the same since....

book three

p</b> was finnaly given to us by the all mighty internic. n</b>ow we can continue to be The Official Pimp Internet Access, free of hassle from the man and corperate domain names.
w</b>ith the new domain name also comes a hundred dolla bill from internic. a</b>ll donations would be greatly appreciated... especialy from those of you using this machine.

for information on donating please contact:

book four
"40oz beverages grow on trees"

p</b> has went on to enjoy afro sized prosperity. has now been seen by every country in the world with internet access. w</b>e are the primary mirror for the DeadelviS IRC archives. our userbase has grown to roughly 75 people (btw. it is NOT easy to get a account). p</b> has proven its here to stay, we will continue to pass the polyester torch from pimp to pimp until it reaches the el-d convention with special guest appearances by mr.t and ron oneal. n</b>ow go drink a 40.

p</b> is always looking to expand. i</b>n addition to our main pimp page, we also have a growing list of . i</b>f you think that you have a page that would fit in here or you have something to contribute to polyester, email:

c</b>heck back at this page, for all the latest pimp updates.

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