the bitch slap ike turner style award is presented (whenever we decide to present it) to web sites that make yah say "damn that shit is fucked up". all chosen sites will receive our coveted award and get a brief description of their site listed here.


the illustrious winner of the first ever bitch slap award is...

The Point 105.7

the point web side is an intersting mix of alternative culture, music, and copyright infringement. their web page looks like a collage of advertisements pulled out of the latest computer graphics world. check it out and see if you can name each picture. send your guesses too maybe they'll send you something nice if you get them all right. make sure you get a receipt.

the original graphics do deserve credit though. the folks at europa design group can really make windows paintbrush shine. I will never look at the airbrush tool the same. they've captured that 4 year-old with a mouse look beautifully.

BTW: rumor is that europa is hiring. if you have a few good magazine subscriptions and a color scanner, give um a ring. or just mail them a few of your best scans.

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