the bitch slap ike turner style award is presented (whenever we decide to present it) to web sites that make yah say "damn that shit is fucked up". all chosen sites will receive our coveted award and get a brief description of their site listed here.


the illustrious winner of the second bitch slap award is...

Bottled Magic Music and Ike Turner

the bottled magic web site happens to be Ike Turner's new record lable. They recenently had the gall to send this email to the wonderful pimpz at

Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2001 22:47:33 -0800
Cc: Alan Bergman
Subject: Ike Turner
You are slandering Mr. Turner. Please remove your reference to him and his
picture from your bitch slap award on page promptly or his attorney will take
action against you
in a court of law.
Robert Johnson
Bottled MaJic Music
cc Alan Bergman attorney at law

Oddly it is good and rewarding that after five years, Ike Turner has probably seen the wonderful award made and dedicated in his honor...sadly he or his record company feels compelled to bitch about it, of all things.

It's no secret Mr. Turner slapped the shit out of Tina (did you ever see that movie: What's Love Got to Do with It), so how could we be slandering his name? At the very least this leaves ponderous.

This situation with Mr. Turner and his record lable is as rediculous as OJ looking for the killer after the glove didn't fit

So after five years without a second "Ike Turner Bitchslap Award" is proud and saddened at the same time to give the second ever "Ike Turner Bitchslap Award" to none other than Ike Turner and his record company Bottled Majic Music.

Ike, Why ya gotta be such a stupid bitch?

Old Slaps!

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