- any of a class of organic substances composed of large linear (chain-like) or cross-linked (network) molecules, or polymers, formed from a large number of smaller molecules, or monomers, by establishment of ester linkages between them. Polyesters most commonly are prepared from equivalent amounts of glycols (organic compounds containing two hydroxyl groups) and dibasic acids (containing two carboxyl groups).

- a computer pieced together from discarded parts, running Solaris, and serving as an outpost on the web for pimps everywhere.

- the fabric of choice for any high class hustler or pimp.

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Even the most well established pimp, can have trouble keeping up with his ghetto lingo... if you can't talk the talk, get the fuck out.

Afro Squad Web Site
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skeptic's dictonary

"Pick it, pack it,
Fire it up, Come along,
And take a hit from the bong."

-cypress hill

Captain Morgan's Cyber Ship II
paranoia drug information server
hyperreal drug archives

pimpin: an audible retrospective

dolemite wants to meet you
super cool, super mean
you know the rules

put a glide in your stride, a dip in your hip, and head on over to the polyester blimp

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prostitution faq
pimp page at stanford
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the motherpage
afro ostrich
supa pimp senator patrick leahy
l0pht heavy industries
joe the circular pimp

an informative listing of web sites that deserve to be treated like 2 dolla hoez

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everything you ever wanted to know about pimpz.org

polyester takes a lot of devotion, hard work, and beer. these are the pimps that make it all possible...

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